Posted by: paulbassler | June 30, 2013

Do You Believe in God?

Unlike most folks in the world today, I am not a big fan of using the word God. It’s like so many other words used today, everyone thinks they know what God is. Everyone who talks about God thinks we all know what they are talking about. In our Judeo/Christian society, the word God is most often used to describe the biblical interpretation, being the creator of heaven and earth. In this interpretation, God is a divine being who created everything some time ago and is now waiting and watching to see what we do with it. If we do the wrong thing, God will punish us by sending us somewhere terrible for the rest of eternity. If we do well, we will be rewarded with everlasting life in the most beautiful place we can imagine. This God is like a father or mother, which should be loved and feared at the same time. We’ve all heard the term “God fearing”, as in I am a God-fearing Christian.
Do we really know who or what God is? If we didn’t have a bible to tell us, how would we know? Atheists say they do not believe in God and that everything in the universe happened without divine intervention or initiative. According to atheists, we are all on our own and believing in a divine power is just a waste of time. It’s seems interesting that atheists and religious people can come to such different conclusions while living at the same time on this earth. Life is able to validate each of their beliefs, and so many others, without having what one might call “indisputable evidence” for any of them. Life may hold “indisputable evidence” to the individuals who hold these beliefs, but they must be disputable if everyone can’t see them.
Is there any evidence of God? If we define God as the Creator, then the answer is yes. After all, creation is happening. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines creation as “the act of making, inventing, or producing,” and “the act of bringing the world into ordered existence.” Since we, as human beings, make, invent and produce, as well as bring (or attempt to bring) our world into ordered existence, we can recognize that we are all creators. Yet there is more to the world and the universe than what human beings have created and are creating. It does not take a huge leap of faith to conclude that “something” created everything human beings did not. It is also not difficult to see that Creation didn’t just happen a long time ago but is still happening right now. God, the Creator, didn’t create the heavens and earth and walk away. Creation is happening now, has always happened and will continue to happen forever.
So is God, the Creator, a divine being? That is to say, is God, the Creator, a conscious being? To explore this thought, we have to define consciousness. Again, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines consciousness as, “the quality or state of being aware, especially of something within oneself,” and “the state or fact of being conscious of an external object, state, or fact.” In short, consciousness is being aware of oneself, and of other things. Obviously we are conscious of ourselves, and all life forms appear to be aware of their own existence as well. Additionally, we are all conscious of each other and of things outside ourselves. Is it such a difficult stretch of our imagination to believe that the Creator is conscious of itself? Since we are all made of energy, and we are conscious of ourselves, then it seems apparent that energy is conscious of itself. And if energy is conscious of itself, then All-That-Is is conscious of itself. So, if we define God as All-That-Is, then God is a conscious being.
If God is a conscious being, like us, and God is a Creator, like us, does that mean that God has a personality, like us? That might be a stretch to conclude, since even though God may be a conscious being, God is not a person, like us. Our personality distinguishes us from one another. Our unique personalities make each of us unique. But if God is the consciousness of All-There-Is, then there is only one God and anyone and anything that is a part of All-That-Is is a part of the one…is part of God.
To believe in God is to believe in your Self…the “I am” that lives in all things. Does everyone see God in the same way? No, of course. There are as many ways to see God as there are selves in the conscious universe. In truth, however, there is only one Self, one God, and to not see this is like a drop of water not recognizing it is a part of a great ocean. It is true whether one recognized it or not.



  1. Carefully and thoughtfully argued, Paul.
    I’m still being shown how to experience life as a creator (as I was saying in my own post last Friday) and often have to pinch myself to remember what ‘We Are The Creators Of The World’ really means.
    Thank you for helping to clarify.

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