Posted by: paulbassler | June 14, 2013

All the Selves Inside

All at once I think I see all the selves inside of me. That’s a line from a song I wrote many moons ago and it is descriptive of a modest epiphany I had. It started with the age-old question… who am I? When I looked within, I found I was many people. Not only was I manifesting many different characters then (and now), but all the characters I had ever manifested was still there. So which one is really me?

This is not such a difficult thing to see. We can all look back and remember our selves… what we did and how we felt when we did it. Take any memory. Take the first time you ever asked a girl (or guy) to go out on a date. If you look hard enough at those memories, you’ll recall the insecurity you felt, the innocence, the feeling of rejection when she (or he) said no. Maybe you were sixteen, battling moderate acne, short or tall for your age, and often worried about what other people thought of you. The harder you look the more you can see the character, feel the character, and re-experience the feelings that character felt even today. That’s because that character, and all the other ones you’ve portrayed in your lifetime, are still there.

Take a look at the many selves you project today. You have your professional self. The one you project when you are at work. There are the multiple selves you portray to your family, as you are a different character for your wife than you are with your children, your parents and your siblings. If you’re like most folks, your spouse, more than likely, knows more of your characters than anyone else in the world, though he/she don’t know them all. The longer you are together, the more of your Self is revealed.

The next question you may ask yourself, which of these selves is really you? In truth, none of these characters are you. They are, in fact, your creation. You are the creator of these characters, and you are the one experiencing the experiences of those characters. If you look closely, you will see yourself creating your selves, creating your different characters.

As an example, try to remember your first job. As you first arrived at work, the first thing you did was look around, listen to people and get a feeling of how people are relating to one another. In order to fit in you start to use the common words and phrases everyone else is using. You also begin telling your co-workers who you are. In your description of yourself you create yourself, in the eyes of your co-workers, and then you will go on to be that character as the job goes on in the months and years ahead. After you created that character, it will change and grow, along with your co-workers, and continue to evolve until your last day on the job. Every time you are in a situation like that, a new job or other new group encounters, you are given a new opportunity to create a new self.

So if you are the creator of your characters, then from that perspective, who are you? In order to answer that, you have to take a look at all you are creating, in addition to your many selves. In a universe that is constantly recreating itself, you are a co-creator, a consciousness in a universe of consciousness, a drop of water in an ocean of consciousness. You are not only the individual drop of consciousness, you are the ocean as well.

The Creator of all things is creating physical reality through you, and me, and everyone else, through our power of creation. Our creativity is the Creator’s creativity, and we are as much a part of the Creator as a drop of water is a part of the ocean.

All at once I think I see, all the selves inside of me. The butcher, the baker, the natural one, all vying for their place in the sun. That was the second line of the song. Every character you are manifesting now is vying to be manifested, to be recognized, to be. If you are a smoker who quit smoking, or is trying to quit smoking, you can see this clearly. That smoker self in you is strong. When you try to tell him/her no, the pressure is on. You can’t get that smoker character out of your head until you finally break down. That character wants to live. The smoker in you does not want to die. In the end, however, you are the creator and if you enforce your ultimate power of creation, you can eliminate that smoker self from your world. That self still lives, however, and will live within you forever. But you have given other characters the light of reality and there is no room for the old smoker self. That’s the key to quitting. For those who are trying to quit smoking, try not telling yourself you are not going smoke. Try focusing on who you do want to be. Put more attention into your diet, your daily exercise, your overall health. Create a new character that not only doesn’t smoke, but focuses on all aspects of health. The more you think about smoking, whether it is to smoke or quit smoking, the harder it is to remove it from physical reality. Focus on what you want to create, rather than something you don’t want to create.

Being a conscious creator of your reality is knowing that you are creating your reality. When you begin to see how you are creating it, you will have found a valuable tool in helping to improve your experience. To learn more about creating reality, please visit

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