Posted by: paulbassler | May 31, 2013

Meeting Brother

I’ve been visiting spirituality forums lately and found discussions and threads concerning channeling. I found it fascinating that so many are into channeling and have a big desire to channel their inner characters. It makes me look back thirty-seven years ago when I experienced someone channeling a character, and at the time, I had never heard the term “channeling.”
At that time, I was reading the Seth Books, by Jane Roberts. In Robert’s first book, Seth Speaks, the reader is introduced to Seth, a character Roberts was channeling while her husband dictated their sessions. Though I won’t go into how good the Seth Books were or the essence of their message, I will simply note that these books introduced me to channeling.
In 1974, my wife and I returned to the island of Guam shortly after the birth of our son. Upon our return, we shared the Seth Books with a friend of ours who told us there was a military guy on Guam who was doing the same thing. A week later, she introduced us to John, a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, who was freaking out about blacking out and having conversations with people while unconscious. We showed him the books we were reading and introduced him to channeling, giving him an explanation to his experiences. He told us that a few weeks back, he blacked out during a dinner party and when he woke up, the people in the room looked like they’d seen a ghost. They told him that he started to talk with a different voice and a confident, deliberate personality. We asked him if he’d be willing to try “blacking out” for us. Surprising, he agreed.
John had a broken arm at the time, which was wrapped in a cast and hanging on a sling. He sat down on his favorite comfort chair, closed his eyes and began regulated breathing. Within minutes, a character with a deep commanding voice said, “good evening.” After responding in kind one of us said, “who are you?” He said we could call him Brother and explained that he was one of John’s selves. “One of his selves,” we asked with astonishment. “He has many,” he replied. “Just as you do.”
For the following year, we visited John once a week and talked with Brother for hours. John never remembered the details of our conversations, though he had dream-like memories of some of it. What usually happened was question and answer sessions, with us pouring on the questions and Brother providing the answers.
On that first day, thirty-seven years ago, Brother wanted to drive home one point. “If you remember nothing else from our discussions remember this, thought creates.” That offered a great starting point for our inquires.
Throughout that year, Brother basically shared with us the nature of reality, the creation of physical reality and how we create our own reality. It was, I should add, the very same message the Seth Books reflected. The cool thing was, after reading the Seth Books, it was great to have a higher level of consciousness there, in the room, answering our questions with deliberative detail. Brother was also able to personalize our inquiries, pointing to aspects of our lives that reflected the information he was discussing.
At the end of that year, we really didn’t need Brother to answer our questions any more, since we knew what he would say. His responses always directed our inquiries back to us, pointing to the fact that we created the problems we we’re experiencing and the solutions to those problems must come from us as well. We learned to explore our thoughts, examine our beliefs, see how we created our reality and use that understanding to address the issues that challenge us. Sure enough, if you’re honest with yourself, you can see yourself creating your reality and you can see how others are doing the same. In fact, you can see how we, as a collective, are creating our reality and the thoughts and beliefs that sustain it.
So if you take anything away from this story, take this…thought creates. You are the creator of your own reality. Once you recognize this, you will be a conscious creator of your reality and it will enlighten your life experience more than you can imagine. If you wish to explore this a little further, please visit
As a side note, twenty-five or so years after reading Seth and meeting Brother, I read Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walch. It’s a great dialog outlined in several books and describing the same information Seth and Brother shared, but in a unique way. Is Walch having a conversation with God. Read the books and decide for yourself.


  1. I really enjoyed this post, Paul. Thanks so much for sharing Brother’s information – fascinating.
    I too have read the Seth books, as well as Neale Donald Walsh’s CwG series. I agree – they are putting out exactly the same message.
    I’ve had that ‘creating your own reality’ information coming at me thick and fast for the last week or so – it’s everywhere I look. Then this post arrived in my in box this morning: not a coincidence!

    And you’re right – eventually you reach a point where you know what the channelled entity is going to say in answer to your questions. You can answer yourself because the knowledge is within us. There IS only one of us! 🙂

    • Thank you Jan…I knew you are a kindred soul. Those experiences had a profound influence on my life and still does. Today I look out into the world and try to see the creativity behind our actions. Unfortunately, most folks are not aware of their power to create which often results in unwanted and unexpected consequences. I am gratified there are people like you being a conscious creator of your world, sharing your perspective. Take care.

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