Posted by: paulbassler | April 30, 2013

Pain is a Great Motivator

Being creators of our own reality, the recent attack on innocent people at the Boston Marathon begs the question…why did we do this? The media and government are diving into the lives of the alleged bombers to try and figure out what motivated them to harm innocent people, but that won’t answer the bigger question.
Whenever something like this happens on a national or international level, I try to make sense of it by looking into my own personal reality. In my world, whenever I hurt myself or I get a sickness there is always a reason why my inner self chose that course of action. As an example, as a younger man I used to spearfish for a living. Every day I would go fishing, catch thirty or forty pounds of fish and sell them on the street corner. I was living on Guam at the time and the dollar-a-pound I would get for my fish made me enough money to survive. After a year or so, I began to get tired of fishing every day, but I couldn’t stop (or so I thought) because I needed the thirty or forty dollars I received each day. Then one day, while I was fishing, I started to head down to shoot a fish and I felt water rush into my mouth from my ear. I knew I had just broken my eardrum so I got out of the water. Within minutes I experienced the incredible pain associated with a broken eardrum. After seeing a doctor a couple of days later, I was told I cannot dive for at least three years. So even though I thought I could not quit diving, my inner self proved me wrong. I did quit diving and did find another way to earn money.
Pain is a great motivator for change. On a national or international level, the pain we feel after an event such as the Boston bombing will, in the end, change things in America. We can’t really say at this time what changes may take place or how this event will direct the national consciousness to move in a different direction. You can already see the national dialog searching for new direction. We have talked about greater security at public events, immigration reform, the revisiting of our amnesty program and much more. We saw the same thing happening after the grammar school shooting in Connecticut. After that event we began looking into gun control, security in our schools, mental health and more. America is searching for change, but what change do we really want?
In order to know what change we are looking to make, we have to have a consensus on where we want to go. As a nation, we really don’t have a vision for our country that we can all agree on. Our country is divided in so many ways, we are pushing and tugging at each other and really moving nowhere. Any leader will tell you, in order to lead you have to have a vision of where you want to go. Who do we want to be as a nation? Where does humankind want to go?
In an attempt to answer those questions, I would like to offer some observations. Since the beginning of humankind on earth, the caveman days (may not be the very beginning), mankind has continued to grow closer. At one time different tribes lived in remote areas around the world, unable to go too far from their birthplace. They developed their own cultures, their own tribal roles and responsibilities. Over time, boats were created, allowing man to travel over the water, thus introducing them to other tribes, other cultures. Though this often ended up creating battles and wars no doubt, it also resulted in the joining of tribes to create bigger societies. Then the wheel was developed and travel became easier. Again, different tribes met up with other tribes and societies continued to evolve. It seems to me, since the beginning of man, humankind has been evolving towards each other. Just look at what we have today. Our transportation capabilities have shrunk the world considerably. Our communication technology has advanced so far, we know if someone stubs their toe on the other side of the planet. We are now living in each other’s back yards. As this evolution towards the unity of humankind has continued, so has fear grown in those who continually wish to maintain their own culture, their own beliefs, resulting in battles, war and terrorism. I believe we will overcome these challenges over time and one day we will unite as a species. It is fair to say that one day we will have a world government, not unlike the federal government in the United States. Even though we still have states that covet their own unique cultures and traditions, we now have a federal government that is tasked with uniting the people of the country towards the common good of all the people of America. The federal government doesn’t always succeed right away in uniting the people for the common good, but that is its task. It is not hard to see a world that has a world government trying to help humanity and unit the people for the common good, with the individual governments focusing on the individual countries, cultures and traditions.
As individuals we are all evolving towards unity with the one god, one creator, one universal self. The same process is happening on the national and international levels. In the end, we will either end up as one, or we will destroy ourselves and wind up starting all over again. We have the power to destroy ourselves, as individuals and as a species, so the time to decide which way we want to go is rapidly approaching. A house divided cannot stand.

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