Posted by: paulbassler | March 20, 2013

The Universal Self

I believe there is an old Chinese saying, “may you live in interesting times.” I think it is fair to say that all times throughout human history have been interesting. Though there have been different challenges, different events, different social issues, different wars and different crisis throughout human history, there are many things we have in common with our ancestors and those who are living today. As human beings, we have all experienced pain, both physical and emotional. We have all experienced fear and love, though each individual often experiences a greater abundance of one or the other. Jealousy, insecurity, anger, friendship, compassion, irritation, inspiration and so much more are all a part of the human experience and we all experience these things to various degrees.
Even though we are all experiencing the same range of emotional, mental and physical aspects of physical reality, we all feel that our life experience is personal, unlike any others, unique. It is the individual way we navigate our lives through the wide range of emotional, mental and physical aspects of life that does indeed make each of us unique. At the same time, since we are all experiencing the same thing we are all the same, even though we experience things in different ways. It is our unique experiences on the same aspects of life that lead people to separate themselves from others. You might call this the us and them syndrome. In truth, there is no us and them…there is only us.
Imagine a universal spirit, the Holy Spirit, a consciousness of self that lives in all things. Now imagine this universal consciousness, in its yearning to experience itself, manifests itself in billions, trillions of different ways. Even though the great universal consciousness is manifested in an unlimited number of ways in physical reality, it is still one consciousness. Each aspect of that universal consciousness experiences itself separate and apart from all other aspects of physical reality, but in truth, everything is a manifestation of the one. That would mean that our own awareness of self is the same awareness of self that exists in all that is.
In my view of reality, this is God. This is the God-Self, the universal consciousness, the “I am” that lives in all that is. Being that the God-Self lives in all of us, there are ways to experience this universal consciousness, to feel your unity with this consciousness, to be one with the God-Self. We have a simple word describing our connection to the one self. It’s called unity. When we feel unity with anything outside of ourselves, we are experiencing our connection to the one self. God is unity and unity is love.
Since the reality of our existence is unity or love, when we experience unity or love we feel the joy of that union. On the flip side, when we feel separated from the world, from each other, from everything outside ourselves, we feel fear, sadness, loneliness, confusion and pain. The illusion of our reality is that we are separate from one another and from all things. It is an illusion we have created on purpose, since there is no other way to experience the one self. How can we experience love if fear does not exist? How can we experience happiness if sadness does not exist? The illusionary world we are creating exists to provide a platform to not only know who we are, but to be able to experience who we are.
The evolution of mankind has gone from living in tribes and caves, separate and apart from one another, to a world where advancements in transportation and communication have unified the world like never before. We are evolving from the illusion of our separateness to the reality of our unity. We are doing this as individuals and in mass. As individuals, we each have the ability to choose whether we want to facilitate the unification of mankind, or focus on the illusion of our separateness. As the advancements of transportation and communication have grown over the centuries, so has the fear of losing one’s unique identity. As people and their cultures fight to maintain their separateness and uniqueness from the whole, mankind’s destructive ability has grown. We now have the power to destroy all mankind. Each of us has the ability to choose. Do we want to live in peace and solidify our unity through our awareness of the one self, or destroy ourselves in our defense of our individual uniqueness? United we stand, divided we fall. Don’t be fooled by the illusion…love is all there is.


  1. Not sure how I missed this when you first posted it, Paul – it’s beautiful 🙂

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