Posted by: paulbassler | February 27, 2013

Don’t Be a Mark

Sequestration, here we go again. Another crisis, doom and gloom, the world is coming to an end. If you believe what you are hearing in the news, Armageddon is about to fall and the only ones who can save us is the rich. That’s right, according to the President and the media. All we have to do is remove the tax loopholes for the rich and we will make it to the promise land. If the government can’t get that money from the rich, we are all going to die.
It is very unfortunate that the majority of Americans do not know what sequestration is. It’s a shame that most Americans don’t seem to be paying attention to what their political leaders are doing. It’s more than a shame, it’s scary. America is like a frog in hot water. If you take a frog and put it in boiling water, it will immediately jump out. But if you put that frog in a pot of cool water and slowly heat the water, the frog will remain until it dies. Most Americans don’t seem to pay attention to the erosion of their freedoms as the government continues to grow in power and size. Our government is so intent on expanding its role in the lives of American citizens that it is willing to borrow over 40 cents of every dollar it spends. The water is beginning to heat up, and if we don’t jump away from our current path, we will lose what we value most…our freedom.
The weird thing is, sequestration doesn’t even cut the size of our federal government. All it does is slow down the projected growth in the federal budget. In fact, even if sequestration goes through on March 1st, our government is still going to spend more this year than they did last year. To those who are trying to grow the size and power of the government, any cut, even in the projected increase in the budget, is a loss and therefore detrimental to America.
Dear neighbors, please wake up and smell the coffee. In the language of grifters, we are the Johns, the marks. As you may know through your TV shows, grifters are con artists, scam artists, and the Johns and marks are the victims of their cons. Politics is no longer about having good ideas for the country, leading the country through actions and principles, it is a game of sales. Americans are used to be sold products and ideas, and our leaders employ some of the best salesman in the business to develop sales campaigns designed to get people to believe what they want them to believe. In the recent presidential election, the President had a much better sales team than their opponents and the American people, by majority vote, bought the sales pitch.
Instead of running on a record of accomplishment, the President was sold as a rock star. Instead of addressing the high unemployment rate, the growing debt, the deficit, the growing entitlement trend, the President visited the View, MTV, the Letterman Show and other similar venues where the toughest questions he faced was what is your favorite color. The democrats know how to sell a product better than the Republicans. These political sales teams know that the American people get their truths from television, a bias media, movie celebrities and the internet. Every day we sit and watch TV commercials and allow professional sales teams try to sell us their products. They try to convince us that their product will change our lives, make us happy, replace our pain with pleasure and help make our lives better. They use great props, such as sex, smiling people, testimonials and a million other things. Throughout our entire lives we have been bombarded by people trying to separate us from our money. The only difference with politics is that those sales teams are trying to separate us from our freedom.
The current administration believes in big government and the goal of the President’s sales team is to convince America to buy in. Their sales team is working to convince the average American that rich people are selfish, evil, oppressive, and they shouldn’t get to live well while others are struggling. They are trying to convince us that the federal government can do more good with rich people’s money than they can. If you are going to buy in to the administrations’ sales pitch, make sure you are a smart consumer and you know exactly what you are buying.
Think about it. Our government has been unable to manage its money, live within its means, run any program with efficiency and effectiveness, yet it believes it can “invest” our money better than successful entrepreneurs. Our current administration is trying to convince the American people that all rich people do is collect their riches, keep it under their beds and break it out once in a while to throw it in the air and marvel at their accomplishments. In truth, people who have money spend money, and the more they have the more they spend. They start new businesses, hire more people, buy new cars, new houses, more stuff, and as they do, they grow the American economy. If they have enough money, they support those causes and charities that closely touches their hearts. Nearly every charity exists on the strength of loving people with the means to give. Do we really want our government to take that freedom away?
Let’s stop being a John, stop being a mark. Let’s try to make our decisions based on an educated understanding of the issues. Don’t accept bad ideas dressed in a pretty face. Freedom for the individual is what propelled this country from thirteen separate states to the strongest, most powerful country in the world.

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