Posted by: paulbassler | January 26, 2013

Pay Attention

The people of the world are wielding an unimaginable power, and most are unaware that they have it. It is the power of creation and it is wielded through our attention. Think about it. Wherever human attention is placed, reality happens. That is true for each of us as individuals and as a collective. If you look closely at your world, you will see that is true.

We can feel the power of attention in many ways. When you speak in a room of people and they turn their attention to you, you can feel it. If you are speaking in an auditorium and you have the attention of everyone in the room, you can feel that. In fact, the feeling is so powerful some people freeze when given that much attention. For the most part, however, attention from others is affirmative, gratifying, validating us in the moment and in the world. That is why some people work so hard to get the attention of others.

Just take a look at your children. You can see how valuable your attention is to them. At such a young age, your children need your attention to feel loved, to feel secure, to feel wanted. If you, their parents, don’t give them your attention, they will go out looking for it somewhere else. You can tell them that you love them, but without giving them your attention, they won’t believe you. They will even accept negative attention over no attention at all. Such is the power of your attention.

If you have a significant other is your life, think about how important their attention is to you and how lonely you feel when you don’t get it. On the flip side, think about how wonderful you feel when you have your lovers’ full attention. You feel the power of creation, of being, of unity and love.

Those are examples of the power of attention on an emotional level, but attention is equally powerful on the three-dimensional level. If you want to build a house, you have to keep your attention on the project. If you put your attention on the project and keep it there, a house will arise. Any and all of your creations require your attention to manifest.

Knowing that you have the power of creation with your attention requires that you pay attention to your attention. Where is your attention being placed? Are you paying attention to your spouse, your children, your friends, your desired projects? Are you paying attention to those you love, to the things you want to see happen, to the world you would like to see? Knowing that you have such incredible power, are you using it in a conscious way? Most of us don’t and that can cause some real problems.

When we stop paying attention to your lover, he or she will look elsewhere for it, which destroys relationships and breaks up families. If we stop paying attention to our children, they look elsewhere for it and sometimes it is provided by less than desirable sources. If you don’t pay attention in school, you won’t pass your classes. If you don’t pay enough attention to your job, you’ll never get promoted and you could lose your job. If there are things in your life that you want to see grow, to succeed, to manifest, simply put your attention on it and it will happen, and that includes your desire for the love of others.

One thing that I have learned about attention over the years is that the best way to get attention is to give attention. If you give someone your undivided attention, they love it, and for the moment, they love you. The more you notice other people the more other people notice you. Put your attention into your job and you will get the attention of your boss. Put your attention into your children and you will gain their attention. Give loving attention to your spouse and you will receive loving attention in return.

Attention is the window from which the power of your creativity comes through so use it wisely and be conscious of the power you wield. It can change your life for the better.

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