Posted by: paulbassler | January 25, 2013

Our National Consciousness

American politics has got to be one of the greatest shows on earth. Unfortunately, many Americans sit back and watch the show and don’t really participate. More than that, many Americans don’t even watch the show, allowing those in office to use the power given by the governed to move the country in directions that are not necessarily in the public interest. We are the creators of our government. Not only did we create our system of government, but we create the administering of that system as well.

It’s actually rather frightening that so many people don’t pay attention to the actions of their leaders. Since those seeking and holding office know that most folks don’t pay attention, getting and maintaining power becomes a process of marketing. All our elected officials have to do is appear to be leading rather than actually lead. It becomes image over essence.

A lot of folks are pretty cynical about politics these days, believing that most politicians lie and you can’t trust any of them. For the most part, these folks don’t vote and then continue to complain about the actions of their government. Others are simply too busy to pay attention to politicians or the issues, unless those issues have a direct impact on their lives right now. Many who do vote wait until the last weeks of campaign season and base their votes on the marketing they see on TV or social media. As I said earlier, people who are running for office know this, and spend more time and energy on marketing themselves than they do actually doing the jobs they were hired (voted) to do. We, the people, are responsible for the government we get.

To be a conscious creator of your world you have to pay attention to your world on all levels. As my son once described the diagram of consciousness it’s like an up-side-down pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid is you and your awareness of yourself. As you go up the pyramid you have you and your family, you and your community, you and your town or city, you and your country, you and the people of the world, you as a living creature and you as a part of all that is. Where on that pyramid do you relate to? Do you pay attention to your relationships on all those levels? Politics reflects your relationship to America…the national level of yourself. When you relinquish your consciousness on the national level, you give your power to those who are seeking power on that level, and lose some of your freedom at the same time. To put that in simpler terms, take taxes. When you pay your taxes you lose some of your money and the government gains money. By doing this, you have less freedom to spend and the government has more freedom to spend. You lose power, the government gains power and you lose the personal freedom those tax dollars would have provided. Your consciousness is the same as your taxes. When you give up your awareness of what’s going on your leaders take your acquiescence to enhance their power and then use that power to take away some of your freedom.

One of the missions of my blog is to encourage people to become conscious creators of their reality. The source of physical reality is thought…thought creates reality. In order to be a conscious creator in the world of politics, all you have to do is give it some thought. Pay attention to the thoughts that are being sold to you and support those thoughts that are in line with your beliefs. Pay attention to the news once in a while and see what’s going on at the level of national consciousness. Today, as an example, the national dialog is about gun control, the national debt, the deficit, the violence in Northern Africa and Middle East, entitlements, and in general, the philosophies of liberal and conservative governance.

What do you think about these issues? Which leaders are reflecting your beliefs? What are the leaders of your state saying about these issues? Are they fighting for your values, your beliefs? Are you expressing your thoughts and beliefs on these issues in to the world?

You don’t have to be an activist to be a conscious creator of your world on a national level. Just pay attention, identify your beliefs of the issues of the day, share your thoughts on these issues, and support those leaders who represent your beliefs in the houses of power. The United States of America is supposed to have a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but if the people don’t participate, the freedom we have to pursue our happiness could be lost and many will be wondering where it went.

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