Posted by: paulbassler | January 21, 2013

All Life is Creative

Though the observation that all life is creative seems obvious to most, it really isn’t. Most people do not recognize the full breath of their creativity. Sure, when we build a dog house or a new porch, we can recognize our creativity, but how many people see how they are creating their own lives, their own realities, their own world. More than that, how many people recognize their role in creating the events we experience as a whole, as Americans, as mankind? How do we, as individuals, create the wars we are fighting, or the mass killings in our schools, or the giant storms that ravish our homes and environment?

Can we, as individuals, hold ourselves responsible for what happens on the other side of the world or the other side of the nation? I think we can. I think we must. We are the creators of our own reality, not only on a personal level, but on the national and international levels as well.

Understanding that all life is creative helps us to seek the true purpose of our creativity. As an example, the senseless killing of twenty children and six teachers in Newtown Connecticut has touched the human consciousness around the world. It was a horrible event that begs the question, why would we create such an event? Just look at what is happening throughout our nation. Everyone is asking themselves, what can we do to prevent this kind of thing from happening? Should we limit access to guns? Should we change the way we deal with mental health? Should we arm our teachers? Should we look at the movies we are watching, the video games we are playing? It is questions like these that lead to change.

We are the creators of the world, and if we want a more peaceful world we have to ask ourselves these kinds of questions. We have to examine our beliefs with an eye on making positive changes. It is not easy to change our national or international beliefs, just as it is challenging to change our own personal beliefs. But that is how we change our world, personally and globally.

There are people who have lost a beloved child to a sickness or accident, only to start a foundation that helps thousands of children. All life is creative. There many who lost a parent to disease at an early age, only to go on to become nurses and doctors and fight diseases for the rest of their working lives. All life is creative. As creators, we have the choice to take bad things and use them to make our lives better, or make them worse.

The way I see it, the children at Sandy Hook and their teachers gave their lives for the greater good of humanity. Knowing they are all eternal beings (we all are), I choose to honor their sacrifice in this life by finding ways to lessen violence in the world, pay attention to the national discourse, adding my support to those who are working for the ideals I share, and play my civic role as a voter and voice of the people.

In our own reality, our minds are filled with our thoughts and beliefs, and those thoughts and beliefs we hold above others are the ones that manifest in the world. The same is true of the national consciousness and humanity. Humanity’s consciousness reflects the sum total of all mankind’s thoughts and beliefs, and those thoughts and beliefs held above all others are the ones that manifest in the world.

All life is creative, the good and the bad. The creative result of every creative event is up to us. We can use life’s experience to create more experiences, so what kind of experiences do we want?

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