Posted by: paulbassler | January 13, 2013

How Do We Create Reality?

Would it surprise you to learn that you are creating physical reality with greater ease than tying your shoe? In fact, creating reality is so easy, that you are doing it unconsciously. It’s an incredible power and most of us don’t even know we have it.

Before we can understand how we are creating reality, we have to define what reality is. What is real for you? Most of us would describe our reality like this: my name is Joe Smith, I am married with two children, I live in Boston, located in the United States. I have a job working as a fireman etc. Reality, however, is much deeper than that. Your reality includes everything you believe about everything. It includes everything you think about everything. It includes everything you feel about everything. In fact, the reality you are experiencing is a manifestation of what you think and believe about everything, colored by what you feel. That means what you think is real, what you believe is real is real, for as long as you continue to entertain them. Change those thoughts and beliefs and your reality will change, as will your feelings surrounding your reality.

Let’s try to be more specific. Let’s say you believe that people, in general, cannot be trusted. For whatever reason you came upon that belief, you own it, you believe it. What you’re going to find is that your life experiences will continue to reinforce that belief. You’ll focus on the times you were cheated, all the times people let you down, all the times people misled you. Life will continue to show you that people can’t be trusted. You will also make sure you don’t get into a position to allow people to cheat you, mislead you or disappoint you. More than that, you will cheat others, mislead others, deceive others before they do that to you. You will justify this behavior because after all, people cannot be trusted. The universe will mirror in physical reality what you believe about physical reality.

If life is not going as you thought it would. If things aren’t working out and you are simply not happy with the direction your life is going, start off by examining your beliefs. Be honest with yourself. Listen to yourself when you say, “I believe my boss doesn’t like me,” or “I don’t believe I am smart enough to get my college degree.” In truth, your boss might like you fine, if you worked a little harder or tried a little more. It’s not necessarily that you are not smart enough to get a college degree. Maybe all you need is to work harder, or get some help. You will never succeed unless you believe you can succeed. Without that belief, you will fail before you get started. As Jesus put it, “if you only had the faith of a mustard seed, you could move mountains.” I am not religious, nor am I a Christian, but Jesus was a smart guy and understood how reality is being created.

In the coming months we will further examine beliefs and how they are impacting our reality. We will also take a look at how our joint beliefs, the ones we all share, are being manifested in the world. From politics to religion to business to our education system, our joint beliefs are creating these worlds whether we like it or not. In addition, we will also explore how we can use our thoughts and attention to change our beliefs, and in doing so, change our reality.

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