Posted by: paulbassler | January 13, 2013

Creating Reality

There are so many frightening things going on in the world today. Religious wars, school shootings, domestic violence, environmental pollution and the list goes on. So why is this happening? What can be done? The answers are not that illusive. We are creating it and we have the power to change it. The key to knowing how to change it is knowing how we are creating it in the first place. In the months and years ahead, I hope to show how we are creating our world and offer some ideas on how to change it.

At the same time, I hope to draw attention to our positive creativity and share a lot of fun stuff we can do on a personal level for entertainment and enjoyment and self fulfillment.  So as you read these words, I hope you will consider joining me on this adventure and are willing to provide feedback to my offerings.We are the creators of our world and we have the power to create any kind of world we can envision.

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